Meals on Wheels

Empowering People

“What a joy it is to hear the greetings of the volunteers each morning. Just like starting the day with a beautiful song! They say it so well. We are very thankful for the meals. I’m very satisfied with the food and service.”

Volunteers deliver a hot, nutritious lunch Monday through Friday to homebound seniors citizens. Each meal is 1/3 of the Dietary Reference Intakes.

Who Qualifies for Meals on Wheels?

Meals on Wheels is available to homebound seniors, aged 60 and older, who are residents of the LOA’s service area (Virginia’s Fifth Planning District). The senior must be unable to prepare a nutritious mid-day meal with no one available or willing to prepare the meal for them. Spouses and disabled dependents, regardless of age, MAY also qualify. This helps alleviate caregiver stress and worry.

“LOA is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Thank you for helping me.”


The Meals on Wheels program serves 550 recipients each day so it relies on a variety of sources to cover the costs of these meals. The program receives funding from federal, state and local governments, the Greater Alleghany Fund and the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia. Those funds are supplemented with fund-raising, grants and recipient donations.

“Next year I will be 90 years old.  I am restricted in many ways!  LOA’s help is a blessing to me.  A wonderful help.”

The program also relies heavily on the contributions of the community.

If you would like to donate, use the link on our website or make checks payable to LOA Meals on Wheels and send to P.O. Box 14205, Roanoke, VA, 24038-4205. Donations are tax deductible.

How to Become Involved


If you, or someone you know, may benefit from Meals-on-Wheels, call (540) 345-0451. Our staff will be able to assess the need for home delivered meals.

“I am so happy to be at home.”

Volunteer Drivers

All of our meals are delivered by volunteers. Routes take only 1 to 2 hours per day. LOA offers flexibility: you can volunteer once a week, every other week, once a month or once a year; you choose the route and day(s) you wish to deliver. Directions are provided. Ask about our corporate volunteer program. If you would like to volunteer, call the LOA office in your area.   We still have many open routes available!

Volunteer Information

Nutrition Education

Anyone that is eligible for LOA’s Meals on Wheels or Congregate Meals (Diner’s Club) is also eligible for Nutrition Education and will automatically be provided with materials and/or presentations. The intent is to support food, nutrition and physical activity choices and behaviors in order to maintain or improve health. 

Nutrition Counseling

Those who meet the eligibility criteria for Meals on Wheels and are assessed at a high nutritional risk can be referred to a Registered Dietician for a nutrition consultation.

Pets Eat Too

Another component of Meals on Wheels is Pets Eat Too.  In partnership with the Roanoke Valley SPCA, the LOA utilizes their donated pet food to assist our Meals on Wheels recipients and their furry friends.  Recipients who are pet owners get a weekly allotment of pet food (dog or cat food) delivered to them along with their meals.

“I thank God for LOA and Meals-on-Wheels.  It’s a blessing to people who live alone and can’t do for themselves.”

Farm Market Fresh

(Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program)

Farm Market Fresh (Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program)

Low- to moderate-income older adults can receive vouchers for fresh and nutritious locally grown fruit, vegetables, and cut herbs. Seniors aged 60 and older with income of less than $2248/month are eligible to apply. Qualified seniors will receive $50 worth of free checks to buy fresh produce during June-November at local farmers’ markets with authorized farmers participating.

Enrollment opens June 1. Last date to enroll for the season is September 30!

Seniors: come to this event to enroll or get more information:

  • Roanoke – Tuesday, September 26, 3pm-6pm, at West End Farmer’s Market, 1027 Patterson Ave SW, Roanoke, VA – beside The LEAP Hub
  • *This is the last enrollment event for Farm Market Fresh for this season.

Qualified applicants will receive their vouchers right then and there, and a list of participating farmers’ markets. If you are unable to attend, you can still enroll by September 30th if you stop by LOA’s office.

To apply: Call or stop by LOA’s office: (540) 345-0451, 4932 Frontage Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24019

In addition to providing fresh, locally grown food to area seniors, this program also supports local farmers and farmers markets. The Farm Market Fresh program, also known as the Senior & WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (S/FMNP) is a federal and state nutrition program administered by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). DARS authorizes farmers to accept Virginia’s S/FMNP vouchers at farmers’ markets.

If you are unable to attend our enrollment event or visit our booths at farmers markets, you may print and mail an application form (PDF) to LOA.

Participating Farmers Markets

Below are the current farmers markets in our region that have at least one DARS-authorized farmer that will accept vouchers. Use your vouchers by November 18!

Senior Food Boxes

Senior food boxes are delivered on the third Tuesday of every month in Roanoke, the second Wednesday of the month in Craig and the third Wednesday in Botetourt.

Senior Food Boxes is a joint venture of Feeding Southwest Virginia, the USDA, and the LOA.  Eligible seniors receive a monthly food package consisting of all 5 major food groups and a loaf of cheese from the food bank.  Included in the box you’ll find canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, beans, cereal, pasta, bottled juice, shelf-stable milk, canned meat, and 2 lbs of American cheese.  Volunteers then help the LOA deliver these boxes to the seniors’ homes.


  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Meet income requirements (130% below Federal Poverty Level)
  • Live in Roanoke City or County, Salem, Botetourt, or Craig Counties

Volunteers call you the day before to ensure that you will be home when the volunteers deliver the boxes to your home.  You must be home in order to receive the box and you must sign for it.

Please call our office if you are interested in receiving a Senior Food Box at 540-345-0451.

Soup for Seniors

Soup for Seniors began in October of 2006 as a Make a Difference Day Project for LOA’s Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs. That first year we had very modest goals of serving those within the program as well as the Meals on Wheels recipients. The community fully embraced the project. So much soup and crackers was donated that the LOA was able to service all of its clients, other needy seniors in the community as well as others in neighboring communities. In 2011, with new restrictions of the founding programs, the LOA took the project on as an agency-wide service and joined forces with AARP Virginia. Collection and distribution was moved to early February in order to serve the senior population in the most vulnerable part of winter.