Caregiver Resources

LOA provides many services and resources to the elderly that caregivers can benefit from, giving respite and peace of mind. These services enable caregivers to run errands or handle other business while their elderly relatives are cared for during the day.
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Homemaker Services include routine housekeeping and home management tasks
Certified nurse aides and homecare aides help those with activities of daily living
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Vital Services Transportation

For seniors who require vital transportation to a doctor, pharmacy, or other critical appointment, Vital Service Transportation services are available. Those who have no other source for transportation and/or any means to pay for transportation can benefit from this service. Individuals are transported by taxicabs, RADAR vans and volunteers. Persons must be able to get in and out of the vehicle independently.
For seniors who require vital transportation to a doctor
Assisted Transportation is provided to seniors 60 and older who need to be accompanied by someone to medical appointments

Information and Referral

Information and Referral provides caregivers with current information on resources and services available to them within the community. An arrangement of services can be provided.
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