Care Coordination is a service of LOA to help persons over age 60 remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.  Care Coordinators evaluate cases to determine which services are needed and link the person with those services. Another component of Care Coordination is Options Counseling which allows the clients to select and arrange the services of their choosing after meeting with a case manager.

“I’m pleased with LOA allowing me to continue to live at home and the ability to remain independent and God have blessed me with the nice caregiving.”

This comprehensive program of acquiring and coordinating services and resources for seniors and their caregivers helps the senior to remain in their own home. A telephone call is where to start. Case managers come to the residence.

We Help You…

  • Get through the complex red tape of government agencies.
  • Arrange for needed services,
  • Develop a plan for your independence, and
  • Make sure that the services you get are what you want and need.

LOA Care Coordination begins with a phone call to one of LOA’s offices. We ask some basic information such as your name, age, and why you are calling. We call this your “intake.”

If you need more than a referral to another agency or some basic information about available services, your case manager will come to your home and complete an “assessment.”

Your Assessment

When your case manager comes to visit, you can talk more about your lifestyle and the problems you are having; the kinds of help you already receive; and your sources of income. This confidential discussion is very important. It helps your case manager determine what additional kinds of services are available to you. Your case manager will ask you questions such as:

  • Can you get in and out of the bathtub all right?
  • Can you cook your own meals?
  • What kinds of medication do your take?

Your Care Plan

A care plan is completed with input from you.  The care plan lists the services that will be provided and time frames as to when the service may begin.  This is done with your agreement.  Services that may be arranged are explained and you may choose a provider based upon availability.  You can always contact your case manager to make changes as needed.  The arranged services may continue as long as they are needed and more services can be added when necessary.

Options Counseling

Options Counseling respects the rights of individuals to control and make choices about their own lives.  The LOA works with individuals and their surrogate decision makers to determine goals for their care, action steps, resources needed and time lines to achieve these goals.  Options are alternatives available in the community from which to choose, to help the person reach their goals.  Options for current situations are selected, and long term supports are chosen to arrange services.  An Option Counselor meets with the individual to begin the process, develop a plan and assist to make sure referrals are implemented effectively.

For more information about care coordination call LOA:
Roanoke Valley (540) 345-0451
Alleghany Highlands (540) 962-0465
Botetourt County (540) 580-5085
Craig County (540) 864-6031

Toll-Free (888) 355-6222