Help Us Fill The Plate

How Your Donation Helps:

  • It costs nearly $10 per meal to provide Meals on Wheels to homebound
    elderly. In 2021, LOA served 120,808 meals to 12,040 persons. This is a
    significant increase in numbers due to seniors being more isolated during
    the pandemic.
  • It costs an average of $68 per trip to provide Transportation to the doctor
    and other vital appointments. This includes assisted and unassisted trips
    to the doctor and grocery and pharmacy trips. In 2021, LOA made 22,466
    one-way trips to transport 4,409 persons. The costs to provide this service
    has risen drastically and there continues to be a substantial waiting list
    for this vital service.
  • It costs just over $10 per person to provide Emergency Services such
    as the provision of canes and walkers, Cooling Assistance and LOA’s
    Emergency Food Pantry. In 2021, LOA helped 8,853 seniors obtain
    emergency services. In addition, more than 2,300 bags of food were
    delivered during Soup for Seniors.
  • LOA’s Personal Care and Homemaker services currently serve nearly
    100 clients per year. However, they maintain a waiting list of nearly triple
    that number.
  • In 2022, LOA’s Insurance Counselors assisted 2,361 seniors with their
    Medicare Part D Plans and Medicare enrollment.
  • 525 persons were able to find resources in their community to help them
    stay in their own homes after spending time in the hospital through LOA’s
    Care Transitions.
  • LOA provided 176 hours of service to help seniors with their Legal needs
    such as creating Power of Attorney documents and Living Wills.

With more than 32 community based services, LOA continues to strive to fulfill its mission of helping older persons remain independent for as long as possible.

But we can’t do it alone. We will use donations to fill the plate of services where it is most needed. Examples of how your donation helps:

  • $1,000 to assist more than 10 seniors with Legal Assistance
  • $500 to assist one senior with in-home care
  • $250 to assist 25 people with emergency services
  • $100 to assist with vital trips to the doctor or pharmacy
  • $25 for a day of Meals on Wheels and Diners Clubs